Getting Paid

Want To Know How To Get Paid?

Please read this first:

Agreeing to become a Watermacks Creator means you’ve agreed to our terms and conditions.

Here’s how your commission works;

  • Watermacks pays you a 50% commission on every purchase made on your design template. This means that everytime a customer pays for your design template, Watermacks pays you 50% on that purchase made.
  • There’s no limit to the purchase of a particular design template. Customers can purchase a design template as many times as possible. For every single purchase, you get paid a 50% commission.
  • You can request your payment sent to you anytime by sending an email to Upon confirmation of your request, your payment will be sent to your bank account provided in your shop settings.
  • For scheduled payments, your accrued commission will be sent to your bank account at the end of every month.
  • If you’ve got complaints on payments, don’t hesitate to email us via stating your complaints clearly so we can respond with absolute clarity.

Your Payment Information

On your Creator’s dashboard, navigate to Shop Settings. 

  • If you wish to receive payment sent directly to your bank account, enter your bank information such as your bank name, account number and account name respectively. Chck the image below to see where you need to input your information.

Adding Your Shop Information

On your Creator’s dashboard, navigate to Shop Settings. 

  • Enter your ‘Shop Name’. Ensure to use a unique name. You could also use your personal business name as your shop name.
  • Enter your ‘Seller info’. This information tells customers about you. We recommend you write something appealing and professional but make it brief.
  • Enter your ‘Shop Description’. This information helps customers to know your shop better when they navigate to view all your designs.
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