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Beauty Wow Cosmetics is a Lagos based beauty outlet which provides beautification services from sales of hair/make-up accessories to production of wigs. They pride themselves in the quality of their products and the professionalism with which they attend to their customers. They recently got into the industry officially and a simple and vibrant brand identity was what appealed to them the most.



The client approached us to create a new brand identity for their business. The colour yellow was proposed as a personal taste of the client, also as it is a vibrant colour often associated with gold which symbolizes excellence. The major selling point of the brand is their wig production and all sort of hair services, so the logo was influenced by this as the negative space can be seen to form a flowing hair. Though it is still a young company, but the owner is a visionary, and so a round figure illustrating the boundless expanse the business is striving to attain was adopted.

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